Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Gettin' Hot in Here!

Sweaty shirts. Yuck. Not exactly what everyone wants to look at or see when flipping through a wedding album. Chances are that if you’re planning on having a wedding in a warm location and/or having a boogie down hour (or 2 or 3), your fellas will get a bit (or alot) sweaty in their suits.
I’ve seen more than my fair share of completely drenched male wedding party members; and I may have finally figured out a way to at least make it a little more comfortable for these guys and the photos alot more, ummmm, dry.
How about a change of clothes? Even better, make the change of clothes a gift!

Well before the wedding, purchase all the guys in the wedding party matching shirts that they can change into at the reception after all the formalities and formal photos are complete. This way they still look like members of the wedding party, because they’re all uniform; but at the same time, they are dry and feel oh so much better. Photographs will be “drier” longer into the evening, and they walk away with a nice new shirt that will always remind them of the best party they ever attended. If you want to step it up a notch, have their names or initials embroidered. Perhaps even the date.You can give each of the guys their gifts at the rehearsal dinner. To make things convenient, gift wrap the outfits in a tagged bag that is large enough to hold their suit jackets and wet shirts. Have your wedding planner take the bags and shirts after the rehearsal dinner. Then she can stash the bags under the table at each guys seat so that when they’re ready to make the change, it will be somewhere easy to find, and they’ll have a bag ready to collect all their stuff.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

How many people to get bride-ified?

Apparently, quite a few.

1st, there is the support team: Then there's the pros (Fresh Beauty Studio): The mom and sister duo (1st attempt at the sash that wouldn't cooperate): The final touches squad (attempt 2 at the sash): Yep, the bride too (that sash still isn't right): Then of course, you know mom, dad, and the wedding planner all have to get in on it (finally, we got the sash on!): And with that, complete Brideification: Boy that was tiring:
Thank you Julie Goodacre for the awesome photos!

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