Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1950s Engagement Photos for Jessica and Keith

A few months ago our clients Jessica & Keith had a fantastically fun and over the top engagement photo shoot.  During our very busy day, we covered everything from the 1920s to the 1960's while we took over the streets of historic downtown Ft Myers.  These photos inspired by the 1950s are my favorite of them all.
 Because really, does it get any more classic than Tiffanys?
And did you know that Tiffanys now has an engagement ring app?
 Jessica officially becomes a "G" later this spring with an Art-Deco wedding!
 You can see more of their photos, including the Mad Men and Great Gatsby looks on Photographer Tonya Malays new website.

The creative team:
Wardrobe: Wende' Gilmore, owner of the authentic vintage boutique Vamped Up Vintage
Location: Historic Downtown Fort Myers
Hair: Lindsay Johnson
Makeup: Hope Henderson with Hope Artistry

Thursday, February 07, 2013

1 perfect reason to have a 1st glance photo

This picture sums it all up.  Thank you Ashly Olivier for sharing this photo of her clients at their 1st glance.

This truly is how fantastic the 1st glance idea is. It doesn't look like they're missing out on anything does it? There are so many advantages to having your first look prior to the wedding ceremony, but I think this picture explains the most wonderful one.
Amazing image is by Tina Sargeant

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