Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, and get ready for the questions.

This is my family: Kelly, Emily, Madeline and I.  Krista over at Impressions Photography took this photo for us a few weeks ago.  I am thankful for her years of friendship and professional expertise. I am thankful for this amazing family that I have. Sometimes Kelly helps with weddings. Mostly when I forget something at the studio and he has to drive it out to me last minute.  Madeline has assisted at nearly a dozen weddings now.  She's grown up with it...she already knows so much.  But it still amazes me how proactive she is on wedding days. Emily keeps our family in check, I don't know how we'd get through the wedding weeks sometimes- she always has a plan for everything (and a grocery list texted to us when the pantry is empty and nobody noticed).

So it's the start of the holiday season.  Over the next 6 weeks you will see so many of your close family and friends and they will all have 2 common things for you: Questions and opinions.  Your wedding will without doubt be the topic of the season.  To prepare, decide in advance what you're willing to talk about, and what you want to keep a surprise.  The best thing you can do is to speak about your excitement but not give away to many details.  Especially because the more you give the more "advice" you're given and will be expected to take!  It can be overwhelming, but be "Thankful" for this great period that you are celebrating your engagement.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Please oh please, send him to the tailor

Lindsey at Hyatt Coconut Point by Impressions Photography Weddings by Socialites
Lindsey by Impressions Photography
Ladies, some of you will have 3-4 alteration appointments to ensure that your dress fits like a glove.  Why?  So that you can not only look your absolute best, but so that you will feel your absolute best. 

However, our grooms, for some reason they tend to fall through the cracks.  Some of you will stand next to your groom and pose for photos while he is wearing the most ill fitting suit or tuxedo because the same thought was not put into how well his attire looks. Can we just stop this madness?
Alright, maybe its not madness, but it is important.  He will thank you.  Your photographer will thank you.  Please send your groom to the tailor.  Have him properly measured and his suit or tuxedo fit to a T. Please trust me when I say that you will be so glad that you did
Lindsey and Derek at Hyatt Coconut Point by Impressions Photography Weddings by Socialites
Lindsey & Derek by Impressions Photography

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