Saturday, May 30, 2009

An authentic Italian Wedding on Sanibel Island

Never have I ever seen so much food. The menus for NYbride's wedding were looooong and fabulous. From the pre ceremony cocktail hour with seared tuna, fresh fruit kabobs and sangria -to the post ceremony cocktail hour with carving stations, lamb chops, and antipasta (and this is just the short list)- Sundial beach resorts chef outdid himself. Then we headed over to Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa where we had a 4 course meal followed by a dessert room. That's right- not a table, an entire room: Chocolate fondue station, cake,cookie & cupcake display, Nutella display, a candy station, and finally a sundae station. I can't wait to see the video AMCvideo got when we opened the doors to the room. The Nutella- it was the biggest jar we could find: 11 POUNDS! Each guest received a spoon on their seat that said, "We're nuts for each other and you'll think we're NUts when we TELLA you what this is for!" Joe & Lisa surprised their guests by rolling the Nutella out on a cart into the reception with the theme song from Willy Wonka playing. Then they fed each other with massive spoons. It was so fun!
Here are some outstanding photos from Jason Angelini. I "borrowed" them from his blog, which is so cool by the way- its written from his little boys point of view. For sure you should check it out!

The cupcake tower and NY Rangers grooms cake are from the amazing as usual Karen of Kakes by Karen. And the beautiful tropical centerpieces are from Floral Artistry.

Friday, May 29, 2009

You're stressed out. You're overwhelmed. You're a bride.

Completely normal, I promise. Chances are that you entered into this new phase of your life when your life was already jam packed. Now add on planning an event that's supposedly going to be one of the best and most important days of your life. Oh, and everyone you know and love is going to be there to experience it with you. Yeah- I think that's fair game for a maxed out stress card.
Here's how I look at it. Think about your school days. Some of the times are the best memories ever (Homecoming). Some decisions were excruciating (picking a major). Some of the days were rough beyond rough (Finals). But how great was graduation- the party afterwards?
So much like planning your wedding- yes its work, but the payoff is unreal and you could have never imagined it would have actually turned out as phenomenal as it actually does.
So when you're feeling a meltdown coming on because you can't find a band that's perfect- take a deep breath and remember this is just "a class you have to take".
Then go to the spa and get a massage. lol

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Florida Wise Bride: Workshops & Lunch with the experts

I am so excited to finally announce this! On Sunday June 7th I will be hosting Florida Wise Bride Workshops & Luncheon. This amazing day will be anything but your typical bridal show. Rather than spending 3 hours walking down aisle upon of aisle of wedding vendors, this is an opportunity to sit down in an intimate environment, have a gourmet lunch (and perhaps a Married Mimosa or Bride's Bellini?), and get to hear the best advice from 8 of SW Florida's wedding experts. These aren't your standard wedding vendors I've gathered, you'll be hearing from nationally reknowned, best of the best wedding professionals. Even better, the event will take place at the new Holiday Inn at Gulf Coast Town Center. If you haven't been there, let me just say that you will be SHOCKED by what you see. It's not your mama's Holiday Inn!
Here's the line up for this event:
Creative Wedding Design, Kelly McWilliams, Weddings by Socialites

Making the Most of Your Photographer, Ashley Brockinton Photography

Cakes that Wow the Crowd, Karen Vazquez, Kakes by Karen

Styles of Photography, Krista Kowalczyk, Impressions Photography

Surviving the Elements: Make-Up & Hair that work, Kathy Cantu, RED Salon & Spa

Silhoutte Styling From Head to Toe, Tie the Knot Couture Bridal Salon

The New Boudoir: Sexy, Relaxed & Fun, Audrey Emerson, Audrey Snow Photography

Modern Wedding Videography, Rob Epple, AMC Video

Here's the deal gang- seating is VERY limited, are expected to sell out, and will not be sold at the door. Tickets for the workshops & luncheon($35) are available at Even better, Florida Wise Bride has its very own blog, complete with posts from the experts who will be at the event.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A sunset wedding ceremony and outdoor reception

Last month we started our wedding season off with a classic beach ceremony followed by a wedding reception that was probably the biggest party I have ever experienced! Photographer Cher Hanna captured the images below. I have to say that it took me hours to narrow down to these photos- there were so many to choose from...

Thank you to Cher Hanna Photography for sharing all these images!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2009

Yesterday I finally had 30 minutes to read the recent diamond engagement ring covered issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Never has Darcy Miller failed me. Each issue tops the last. I was ripping pages out left and right. You know its a good one when you actually rip out the entire resource section.Don't worry, I have a complete issue in the bride's library. One thing I want to note real quick before I get to the goods- Martha Stewart Weddings has one of the best magazine to website to blog relationships I've found and you know I'm all about efficiency and inspiration wrapped in one.
Alright- what I ripped out (a.k.a. the goods):
{Pg 94}, love love love these bouquets by Matthew Robbins. Steel gray and almost-red-its-so-pink: I want this one.
{Pg 160} the ribbon belt napkin ring placecard. Fabulous clean line and perfect functioning detail that adds to the table, without taking over the table.
{Pg 201} the escort card enclosures. Why didn't I think of this first? What a perfect way to alert your guests of some extras you've planned.
{Pg 207} the crepe cake. Ok, I just love this one because it reminds me of the Lithuanian wedding cake we're going to have made for a client next spring.
{Pg 214} If those clutches aren't the most darling little DIY projects! I think they would be fabulous for a bridal shower guest gift.
{Pg 219} the backdrop for a photobooth. I've found that the photobooths are still very popular. Guests love them and they make for great guestbooks. If you don't have room at your wedding (cocktail hour is best), try it at your welcome reception.
{Pg 228} a formal wedding. Again, I'm oh so drawn to steel gray these days. I adore this classy napkin fold and cumberbund escort card display.

Have your own favorite pages? Do share! Comments are adored.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The best video intro I've ever seen.

Seriously, this is so cute I can't stand it. I just wish I had thought of it 1st. I adore working with Ashley & Sam for 2 reasons: Pure talent and awesome people. We had a blast with them at Writer Bride's wedding, Ladies and gentlemen,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother of the bride, Mother of the Groom.

Your mom should be this happy at your wedding.
Photo credit: Impressions Photography

When it comes to weddings, let's face it, the mom subject can be touchy. So here's just a few things I've learned over the years that I think will make your wedding experience great for everyone. Come wedding day your moms will be so happy, and feel like honored guests.

1. Decide early on (as in pre-engagement party)who will have what roles. Take the moms out for coffee or lunch individually and tell them what level of involvement you'd like them to have in the planning, by asking them for their involvement in specific tasks.
2. Don't ask for help with planning everything. Why? Because once you open that door it can't be shut without hurting someones feelings. You're best off asking for help and or opinions as the need arises.
3. I'm a mom. If my daughters don't involve me in some way I would be so hurt. Don't do this to your mother. Bring the moms together occasionally and give them updates over lunch if they aren't involved in the planning. Special notes to my daughters: I will not have this discussion with you for at least 12 more years. Don't even think about it.
4. Include his mom in something individually during the planning. This is crucial. Make sure she knows all about what you're planning before the rehearsal. I can not stress this enough, how important it is.
5. On wedding day make certain that the moms are paid special attention. This means having a server at the cocktail hour and reception 100% dedicated to parents. Give your venue coordinator their favorite drinks before wedding day so that they can wow them and make sure they are offered every single butlered item.
6. Make absolutely sure that your photographer spends time with both moms and you and your husband individually. This is a BIG deal.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

From the editors of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons