Friday, July 30, 2010

The difference a table linen makes.

Here is a before and after of an outdoor wedding cocktail reception space that I designed with Signature Florals.  Notice in this first photograph, that the space is already decorated with the very pretty flowers.  It looks a bit unfinished doesn't it?  Maybe even a bit empty?
Before the linens and chair pads
And here is the space once we added the white pads to the chairs and the simple gray linens (to the floor- always!) and a white lace runner. Empty, no.  Polished, yes.
A completed space (with exception of the votive candles)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Letterpress map postcards (not boring, gorgeous)

I died when I opened this envelope.  It just wasn't what I expected and instantly I wanted to be there.  Pretty much, that is the reaction you want your invited guests to have when you're letting them know about your destination wedding.
Letterpress map of Hawaii by Couture Maps

Every face of this piece is detailed- envelope included

But this- this is what made this particular postcard blog worthy:
The back of the postcard is Hand sewn by Mira Aster
 Talk about every detail. I love it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Programs and Favors. Simple and Sweet. Yellow and Gray.

What we made in the studio today:
The simplest ceremony card and the sweetest little box of candy

It's raining. How about some Jazz?

I'm working on music for a wedding right now and its beyond pouring outside.  Here's whats relaxing me at the moment:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where you'll find us this week

At the Weddings by Socialites studio we do an enormous amount of planning and designing.  All typically while singing along with Pandora.  Usually it causes laughter like this (because none of us can sing):

Here's where you'll find us this week:
Online we're mentioned on:
Inspired by this
Calligraphy by Jennifer

Venues we'll be visiting:
Heitman House
Casa Ybel
The Ritz
Brew Babies
The Resort & Spa at Marina Village

Dining at:
The Sandy Butler
Marker 92

Shopping at:

Big huge THANK YOU to Impressions Photography for our new summer pictures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Photographer Tastes the Cake

Today was a fun cake tasting.  Actually, I haven't been to a cake tasting that wasn't fun, but that's beside the point.  The hour at Ella's cakes today was with Photographer Bride & Groom. This is what I caught on twitter just after we sent them the message about their cake tasting at Ella's Cakes today:
and so, today he didn't photograph Daniella's beautiful cakes (as seen here and here).
Photographer Bride & Groom tasting the cake

Today the photographers ate the cake.  So how was is different than our typical bride & groom? It was funny to see "the professionals" struggle a bit with being the client they always wish to have.  The client that allows the professionals to do what they do best and trust that we as professionals always have our clients best interests in mind.  Photographer bride & groom did though, because they do know.  And because they are trusting- they'll have an amazing cake they love.

Paper Bags at a wedding. No I haven't lost my mind.

They're cute, super inexpensive, and the possibilities are endless:
Lumiaries, Take-away bags (candy or late night munchie stations), petals for tossing...
Grey, Yellow and black Paper bag

This is the bag I designed for Photographer Bride's wedding.  Contents are a surprise.
This was super easy to make.  I designed the graphic and then just fed it through my laser printer. Then I just used a color coated paper clip and tied some ribbon on to make it pretty and add a bit more color and dimension.

P.S. Yes, those are the flowers I tweeted about this morning.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Save the date a different way, t-shirts

Honestly, I think I might just squeal a bit if I got this in the mail.  Then I would promptly head to Kayak and book my flight.
Save the date t-shirt for Captiva Island
You can expect to spend about $8-$15 a t-shirt, depending on the quality, style and screen printing design.  I like to order from Skyline Outfitters because they have low minimums and, well, they're our really nice plaza neighbors.
Melissa and I popped into their shop to see what they had and I also liked the idea of the groomsmens swim trunks and bridesmaids bikinis (cute welcome bag additions!).  Both of which can be embroidered.

Of course, then you have to wrap it up cute to mail:
Map wrapped save the date for an island destination wedding

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Planner Confession

I adore the look of DIY. Especially when I see gorgeous details on blogs like Ruffled.
I confess that I HATE the actual do it yourself part (i.e. glue guns, scissors and fancy paper cut in thirds, less one inch).
That's why I love that I have a team (Melissa & Courtney) that loves to do the crafty stuff:
(L to R) Kelly, Melissa, Courtney photo by impressions
and I order from Etsy religiously.
Do you have anything to confess?

Unique Invitation idea for the "other parties"

One of my favorite things about getting married is that there are usually several parties leading up to the big day.  I love the styling and planning behind all of them.  I was away from the studio the last couple weeks freshening up and taking a short break and of course I've come back with a million ideas.

This 1st one came to me in the check out line at Ikea.  I know, kind of odd (normal for me).  But you never know where you'll find inspiration.  So I found this set of wooden serving utensils at the "gotcha" bin; you know that bin that's impossible to pass up.  How cute is this set I turned into an invitation to a seaside potluck picnic lunch? Perfect for a casual affair, perhaps a picnic or brunch.  Or even a dinner party.  All you need to do to make it a bit more formal is replace the packing tape with a beautiful silk ribbon and mail the set in a pretty box.

Super Simple DIY:
  1. Buy the utensil set
  2. Use some ultra fine point sharpies to decorate and write on all the info
  3. tape together with cute packing tape from Michaels
  4. Bring to post office to have weighed and pick up the stamps
  5. Mail just as is, no envelope or box required
  6. Get ecstatic phone calls when the invitees receive their ridiculously cute invitations
Need a venue for your "other" parties? Check out this article I contributed to for Brides Florida magazine

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Thinking outside the Card Box

    For years I have seen the same old same old for the "envelopes" at weddings.  Pretty much always a bird cage or a mailbox.  The past year or so we've tried really hard tro come up with some boxes for Newlywed cards and well wish notes that fit into the design of the wedding.  Sometimes just a trip to homegoods is all I need.  This of course, is pure luck.  I got lucky today when I found this for Photographer Brides wedding.

    Welcome Table

     For her welcome table we'll be placing well wish cards next to the card box as well, so that guests can leave sweet notes for them.
    Well Wish Card Stack

    Leave your well wishes and sweet notes for the Newlyweds
    Be certain to have a sign explaining what the box and notes are for!
    Well wishes and cards
    Now, if you want to get crafty, here is a super easy way to add another touch of your design to your welcome table.  This Paper Mache Card box took about 30 minutes to assemble and 30-45 minutes to dry in the sunlight.  Instructions below!

    Paper Mache Well Wish or Card Box

    You'll need:
    A bottle of water
    2 bottles of elmers glue
    Sponge Brush
    Decorative Paper
    Mixing Bowl
    Paper Mache Box
    Drop cloth (or old pillowcase)

    1. Cut the paper into assorted sizes (not smaller than 3 inch squares)
    2. Mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water, mix until smooth and creamy
    3. Highlight small areas at a time with glue solution
    4. Place assorted paper pieces on box and apply a second layer of glue on top
    5. Place outside to let dry

    101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

    From the editors of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons