Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The difference between Vintage, Retro and Antique

The truth is I never felt completely comfortable using the word Vintage because I wasn't truly certain what made something vintage.  I still used the word, but to do this day I am waiting to get called out on it.  Today after a little bit of research,  I *think* I've got it somewhat narrowed down for all of us.  Let me start by saying this though - there doesn't seem to be a very strict rule book on these words.  Although I am certain an antique connoisseur would completely disagree with me on this.  However, I'm going to go with the following from now on when it comes to all things weddings and social events:

Retro doesn't necessarily have to be an old item.  Its just something that looks like its from a different time period.  Basically, if it isn't something created with todays themes/styles...its retro. So if you had those cute little glass bottle cokes at your wedding- those are retro because they're new.  Well, at least I hope they aren't from the 1970's!  Also, I noticed that when using the word Retro, you should include the decade you're establishing, "1950s Retro"

Vintage can be narrowed down to anything 50-100 years old.  But I did come across some sites that mentioned "New Vintage".  These seemed to be in the 20-50 year old range.  No matter what though, it seems the easiest way to make sure that you aren't breaking any rules is to just say "vintage inspired" when you're trying to evoke the feeling of an item from a era gone by.
Antique is 100 years old or older.  This is the one that seemed to be the most well defined.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding vendors can't act

Here's the thing, wedding vendors can't act. It's true. I'm about to prove it to you. However all the best wedding vendors LOVE weddings.  It's actually really great for you that we can't act. {This unless you count purposely being cheesy as acting} Because if we could, we would not be good at bringing you the most incredible celebration of your life.
You see, it takes a special person to be a wedding vendor.  To be in this industry you really have to have the heart and love for weddings because we are counted on making your most important date the best it possibly can be in some of the most difficult situations and we only get 1 shot to get it right.
And now I present to you, the proof that we can't act. Prepare to laugh at pure bad acting cheesiness from some of my favorite people who adore weddings.  Oh, and this video production was not professionally produced or edited (I haven't got a clue how I even got this loaded and the volume is terrible at best).

Special thanks to all the bad actors and FANTASTIC wedding professionals who dared to make this possible:
AMC Video; Wiley Entertainment; Tie the Knot Bridal; Matt Steeves Photography; Ashley Brockinton Photography; Impressions Photo; Hope Artistry; Botanicals on the Gulf; Audrey Snow Photography; Signature Florals;

Destination Wedding Straw Clutches

I came across these clutches while I was doing some scouting in Key West this weekend.
 How perfect are these for your pre and post parties? Besides being the perfectly sized, you can't beat the great prices!
Really, with the prices ranging from $23-$37 you could get one for your rehearsal dinner outfit, one to match your welcome reception attire, and another for your farewell brunch. Guess what? They have matching medallion cuffs too.
These would also make fantastic bridesmaids and house party gifts.
Where to find these mud pie clutches? Www.mud-pie.com

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