Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sophisticated Garden Beach Wedding on Captiva Island: Vol 4

If ever there was a wedding where the kids ruled- this was it! Aunt Emily & Uncle Caleb went all out for their nieces and nephews the entire weekend.
For the 1st night on the island, Emily & Caleb hosted a welcome Luau and surprised the kids with this huge pile of beach toys and games to keep at the beach house they were renting.
In the welcome bags, everyone received a "sweet treat".  The kids could take the ice cream poppers to the resorts pizza & ice cream parlor and exchange it for a real ice cream cone.
After the tropical luau dinner, complete with roasted pig, everyone came over to the firepit for smores.

The next day, it was off to watch the dolphins and sea turtles on a sunset cruise aboard Lady Chadwick.
All the kids received captains hats, direct from the captain himself.

And then there was the wedding... after dinner we unveiled a room we built just for the kids:
Video anyone?  A little Finding Nemo?

The quiet corner.  Complete with etch a sketch and mini library.
In another corner we had the arts and crafts table. Everything imaginable was on this table!

The wii station.  Luckiest kids on earth I tell ya.
On the sports wall we had indoor bowling and hoops!

Indoor bounce house. Are you kidding me right now? No, No I am not.  Even Emily & Caleb couldn't resist...
Sweet little note from the kids:
We're not done yet.  It's time for dessert again.  How about a build your own ice cream sundae bar?

Most kid friendly wedding award for sure; at least these kids thought so!
Want to review all 4 volumes of this beach garden (kid fun) wedding? Sail on in...

Destination wedding tip: If you're having multiple events, consider weekend coverage from your photographer and videographer.  Thank you Impressions photography and Luxe Films!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 Florida islands for your destination wedding

From the Keys West to Boca Grande, these were our favorite 4 Florida islands for destination weddings in 2010 and 2011.  They are all completely different, but all have wonderful wedding venues to choose from.

Key West
This tropical wedding took place at Casa Marina resort on Key West.  Islamorada is another great island in the keys - check out Cheeca Lodge and Pierre's. Image above by the uber talented Nancy Cohn

Sanibel and Captiva Islands
This pretty blush wedding took place at Kings Crown Lawn at South Seas Resort. If you're considering neighboring Sanibel Island you should visit Casa Ybel Resort.  Image above and below by the always awesome Impressions Photography

Boca Grande
Our sweet sweet southern bride Angela got married to Joe at the sweetest church and had their welcome reception, wedding celebration, and farewell brunch at Gasparilla Inn.  The Boca Grande Club is another of our favorites on the island.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Sophisticated Garden Beach Wedding on Captiva Island: Vol 3

A Kakes by Karen original design.  I love the three dimensional orchids.  As you can see from all the photos, we were trying to keep with an almost color-less concept throughout the wedding.  Not quite white, ivory or champagne. Emily referred to it as "half color" which I still love.
Music plays a big part in Emily and Calebs life.  Which is why you'll see the music clef every now and again in the paper details.  For their dinner party style reception, we brought in a baby grand piano and the amazing Bob Mosci from the Carlisle in New York.
Four words: Exquisite, elegant, sophisticated, stunning. Strands of crystals amongst the Phalenopsis orchids surrounded the dance floor.
Tiny little details like this drink stirrer just add that touch of special, don't you think?
One of 3 desserts that night; chocolate creme brulee.
Emily surprised Caleb with a cigar roller.  I confess, I love surprises - alot.
A sparkler grand exit to their getaway boat.  Truly, a great end to a stylish and intimate destination wedding on Captiva.
Be sure to read all the posts related to this garden beach wedding. There will be one more volume, and its all about the kids. Any kid would have begged to come to this wedding!
All photos by Impressions Photography

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Sophisticated Garden Beach Wedding on Captiva Island: Vol 2

It almost doesn't look real does it? A little bit of perfect on a November night.
 Cute little kiddies every where!
 Phalenopsis Orchids, Roses, Hydrangea and Stock amongst the floating candles.  This is one of those centerpieces that looks stunning in daylight and evening because the colors are so light (see below).
 Crystals need not be "bling".  They can be quite elegant too!
 Deck the mantle. Always deck the mantle. We continued the same arrangements from tables to here.
Isn't it amazing the difference lighting makes? I nearly always prefer some kind of floating candle over a pillar.  Mostly because the floaters allow for more reflections on the glass.
Did you see vol 1?

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Sophisticated Garden Beach Wedding on Captiva Island: Vol 1

I know, garden and beach are two totally different things.  I admit, I wasn't sure it was going to feel right- but wow, was I ever pleasantly surprised by how well they blended. This wedding proves quite well that you can have a sophisticated and elegant formal affair at an island beach resort.
Please enjoy these images from Emily & Caleb's wedding here and you can see more in The Knot magazine currently on newsstands.
All the wedding guests received this custom map designed by Samira Gast.  Samira is one of my favorite calligraphers and is hands down one of the nicest (and most patient) people on earth.  On the back, Emily & Caleb wrote personal notes to welcome everyone to their celebration.

 This wedding was different from most destination weddings that I've planned in that it was just about 24 guests, all were family, and half were kids!  In the next volume you'll see how we made sure all those kids had the time of their life.  This single card was the invitation and the response card we designed.  Everything all wrapped into one.
 The epitome of a stunning garden brides bouquet by Floral Artistry. I loved how delicate it looked with the barely there colors in the roses against the orchids.
Emily.  She has the most amazing style. Such a classic wedding beauty.  I knew right away that Jenn King was who we needed to have for this look to be perfected.  So off to New York Emily went for a trial.
Caleb had this effect on Emily- she smiled this big every time he looked at her.  Yes Emily, you really do. 
 I love real strings at ceremonies. A nice trio or quartet just changes everything.

This is without a doubt my favorite menu ever.  It was the most luxurious table top detail we have ever designed and I so wish we could have them more often. Being that there were just 24 to make, we were able to splurge.  The calligraphy was by Samira and it was placed on top of 3 layers; one of which being shantung covered.  Each 9.5x7 menu was over a quarter inch thick!

All images by Impressions Photography
Don't worry, there are more coming. Be on the lookout for Vol. 2 (and maybe 3)

Wedding Inspiration and Wedding Sitters

Quick post of a few things I wanted to share. First, this is going to cause daily distraction and giddiness and you may very well love me for telling you about it. It's called The Wedding Tribune.

It's digital wedding newspaper of sorts.  The kicker- all the articles are pulled from the best blogs out there.  AND it re-publishes several times a day.  Meaning yes, you can keep going back for more (this is where the frequent distraction comes into play). An Ipad version is expected in the next several weeks.
The tribune is another fancy doo-dad care of My Wedding Concierge - another wedding eye candy site to get your wedding juices flowing.

Next, I have been meaning to forever let you know about Elegant Event Sitters.  If you're having a destination wedding where any of your guests are bringing children- add a link on your wedding website.  This company is exactly what moms are looking for so that they can enjoy your wedding and know that their kids are not only in the best care, but having a great time.  Another great idea is to have a great kids area set up and attended by the Event Sitters staff.  Check out their website for all their great offerings.

The fine print: Nobody paid me to mention any of these companies.  I just think they're awesome. -Kelly

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ring bearer pillows are so last year

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWell, ok, not really.  Ring bearer pillows will forever be carried down ceremony aisles. But what I love is that there is a new way to carry those rings that I just find so sweet; the ring bearer bowl. One of the reasons that I love the bowl is that it can actually be used to hold your rings when you have to temporarily remove them.

Earlier this year I bought this bowl from Palomas Nest.  Its the newest part of the history we're building at Weddings by Socialites.

Every time we have a wedding, we add the bride & grooms name and their wedding date on the back.  I love that its already gathering its character (dirt).  Its the sign of a true heirloom ya know.  wink wink  You could make your own bowl an heirloom by passing it on to your kids.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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