Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Christmas Wedding of Red & Green Vol 2.

I promised more photos from this darling Christmas wedding, and so here they are.  One of the things I most loved about this international destination wedding weekend was that we did not fight the Christmas season, rather we embellished it!  All the places we had events were already decorated for the holidays, so we just added what we needed to make certain that it still felt like a wedding celebration.
The Rehearsal dinner at Kings Crown Dining Room (South Seas Island Resort)

The Wedding Reception at The Sanctuary Golf Club

A wedding embellishment to the bride & grooms chairs

Simple stunning tables with gold chivari chairs. Centerpieces of red roses, Christmas Greens and berries. Place settings were completed with the glass gold beaded chargers and champagne menu cards.

Cocktail hour on the greens behind the club

With such lush landscaping, a large centerpiece isn't necessary

The Sanctuary Clubhouse

Pretty little cocktail centerpiece. A Rose bloom, Christmas greens, and Hypericum berries

Vintage car for the bride & groom. Could you just die over the classicism of this?

I just love this photo of their wedding day car. classical antiquity (I looked that up on google.  Sounded pretty fancy)

The brides White bouquet.  Quite delicate, as the bride requested!

CD favors of all the bride & grooms favorite songs that were played at the wedding.

The menu cards really were beautiful with their champagne paper and charcoal ink.

Thanks again to the awesome talents of Impressions Photography and Floral Artistry!

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Christmas Wedding of Red & Green

It's so hot right now that as I went through all the photos I had a difficult time believing that it was in fact cold during this destination wedding!  This classic and very traditional wedding was traditional only by the fact that there was a ceremony and a reception. What?  Yes, I know, quite confusing.  The bride was from Switzerland, the groom from Ohio and their guests...name the country, we had someone from there.  So the traditions and etiquette we followed while planning were "tradition" as it was known in no less than 5 countries.  We dealt with hats, and high tea and imported cheeses I still can't pronounce, no borders on stationery, when to capitalize a "D" and when not to (depending on your royalty)...I never learned so much in all my years as I did with this one wedding!
Red Rose Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece with Christmas greens, Hydrangea and  Hypericum berries

Bridesmaids bouquets of White Roses, Christmas Greens and Eucalyptus

Classic Ceremony Programs tied with champagne ribbon

The bride & Groom at Saint Isabels altar

Each lady of the bridal party chose her own dress, to match her hat.  The hats were the most important part of the attire as I now know.

I adore this image of Swiss bride & groom taking a moment to themselves between the ceremony & dinner reception. Sanibel is so incredibly beautiful.
All these photos were taken by Impressions Photography.  Krista and her team worked tirelessly for 4 days straight, and was wonderful enough to share these images with us. Flowers by the always exquisite Floral Artistry (go to their shop if you can- it is stunning!).  More images in tomorrows post!

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