Thursday, August 14, 2014

Untraditional music for your wedding ceremony

Looking for some inspiration for music during your wedding ceremony or for the dinner portion of your reception?  Many of our clients have turned to us trying to figure out the best way to keep the traditional feeling of a wedding, but bring it up to date.  Two things you can try.  Check out Pandora's Classical Goes Pop station.  It's amazing how much is out there! Your string ensemble may be able to pull off some of these covers.

Want bigger? Consider having a pianist perform.  Bring in the baby grand and WOW, you have a sound that can not be replicated.  If you've never seen a pianist playing classical...find one.  Its just sublime.  If you like the idea of totally unique sound and a performance, try an electric violin duo or ensemble.
Love the sound of voices?  Want to see pure shock and awe on guests faces?  Have a choir or barbershop quartet greet guests.

Trying to think of a great way to give the band a break, but don't want that lull that always comes with it? Check out Drumadics : Y'all they are insane I tell you.

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