Friday, February 24, 2012

How to incorporate "Vintage & Travel" into your destination wedding

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons magazine could not have gotten this any better! I stared at this 2 pages forever (you'll find them in the April issue).

The luggage tags would be perfect on the outside of welcome bags or included in your Yes RSVP confirmation packages. The suitcases would look brilliant on a escort card table as a centerpiece.

The journals would be wonderful guest gifts (put them in the welcome bags, nobody wants to have to carry favors back from the reception).
And could you just die over all this great jewelry?
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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Beach, A Tent, and Fuchsia Peonies Vol 2

Did you enjoy the video? Audrey and Mike shared some more of the wedding and I thought after seeing the video you might want to see more! Enjoy these great photos:
The bridesmaids bouquets
A pre ceremony toast
I'm still dying over this bouquet by Signature Floral. Have you ever seen such stunning colors of peonies, roses, ranunculus?
Who doesn't love a petal dressed aisle?
See- THIS is great use of flowers at a beach wedding!

I love calligraphy. ALOT. Thank you Samira for these!

And no, you most certainly do not have to go overboard with the "beach" or "shell" theme...its quite possible to keep it elegant and simple!
A lined tent (draped poles too) with great lighting and pretty linens to match. All the details are what make this look so perfectly sophisticated.

The cigar roller was a surprise from Andrea to Will.  He was a huge hit of course.  The tent-patio we placed just outside the tent was the perfect compliment.

The fireworks show was a surprise for all the wedding guests and marked the start of the after party!
Audrey & Mike, thank you so much for sharing the photos.

A Beach, A Tent, and Fuchsia Peonies, oh yes.

Last November we had the most lovely tented wedding at South Seas resort on Captiva Island.  Here is a little peek into the day, courtesy of AMC Video

Andrea and Will had their ceremony on Sunset Cove and cocktail hour on Sunset Beach before heading to the tented lawn after an amazing sunset.  The raspberry and fuchsia flowers (roses, orchids and peonies) by Signature Florals were so pretty and cheerful, just like Andrea.  Before the night was over, all the guests headed over to the beach one last time for a surprise fireworks show.
I miss this wedding... I'll blog pictures next!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

An actual garden wedding in Florida Vol 3

Confession: I love wedding pictures.  I especially love portraits.  Why?  Because there's great thought put into them...and you can tell.  When they're done right - you can see the joy and love that is happening and the bonus is that who or what ever is being photographed ... looks perfected.
 Kate with all her sweet bridesmaids (they really were - Kate has amazing girlfriends) in their perfect green dresses.  Mint green is a great summer wedding color.

Okay.  Get ready. Super cute 1st look series of images coming R  I  G  H  T    N  O  W!

 And that is how a 1st look is done. LOVE IT.
Your photographer will take a portrait of your bouquet.  I know, it sounds silly, but trust me, you will look at it 80 times and be glad that she did.  And yes, those are those amazing yellow peonies in there.  But don't tell Signature Florals I told you so.  She'll kill me.
Another portrait you'll want? This one.  Kate's hair and makeup was done by the amazing David & Daniel at Salon Tease.
To make sure that we had some really perfect images before heading to Naples Botanical Garden & the summer heat, we planned out some portrait time (including the 1st look) with Ashley Brockinton at the host resort, the Marco Island Marriott

To see all three posts in the series, you'll want to click here.

An actual garden wedding in Florida Vol 2

An actual garden wedding in Florida Vol 1

But not just a wedding on a lawn "decorated" like a garden.  We planned & designed Kate & Ryans wedding at the Naples Botanical Garden.  Hands down one of the most stunning ceremony backdrops we have ever had.  Because there were so many stunning images, there will be 3 posts in this series, starting with the Reception:
As guests arrived by valet golf carts from the gardens, they walked down the palm tree lined path to this escort card table.  Each guest had a succulent with their name and table number in calligraphy.
Inside the ballroom we had the challenge of space.  We had to make sure that we  maximized what room we did have and that it felt as open as possible. So we used ghost chairs on Kings tables and light floral arrangements on the tablescapes.  White Phalaenopsis orchids are always the perfect flower for this (not to mention they're gorgeous).  We also opted against chargers (which I normally love).
 The dinner menu was delicious.  After a warm goat cheese salad, guests were treated to one of 3 entrees:
Tenderloin of Beef with Au Poirve Sauce
Grouper with Key Lime Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Ravioli with Mushroom Marsala Sauce

Before dancing the night away to None Other Band, everyone went crazy for this cake with some absolutely scrumptous cake:

Meyer Lemon with Guava Filling
Vanilla with Mocha Buttercream Filling

All of the above images are by Ashley Brockinton Photography, and we are so grateful that she shared them with us!  You can also see more images in the current issue of The Knot Florida magazine!
Wondering who else helped us make this another great wedding? Signature Florals, Kakes by Karen, Catermasters and None Other Band
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We had a few more photos taken by not professional photographers that showed off this beautiful room (in other words, don't judge us)...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage wedding dresses

I will confess to being a lover of Pinterest. Honestly, whom ever it was that decided it would be cool to have an instantaneous showcase of literally everything I am looking for (and didn't know I was looking for)at any time- you are genius.

Today I found something for any bride who wants a very different wedding dress. A vintage wedding dress. Yes, you'll have to head to Europe to visit The Vintage Wedding Dress Company flagship, but I'll tell you what, some of these dresses and accessories seem really worth it. Not to mention it would be a great excuse to take a short pre-wedding getaway with your mom or best friend. I'd be happy to come along too.

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