Friday, December 30, 2011

The Grand Wedding Vol 4 The wedding party

The Goodwin family. How gorgeous.  I love that we were able to make them official!

We have always been a fan of tuxes and ties, and we are so grateful for Rnells for contributing these classic tuxes!
I think Pewter and Pink were one of my favorite color combinations this year.
Getting married on the steps of this historic building.  I love how Christys dress falls perfectly down the steps.
One of my favorite parts of weddings is the joining of families.  The nervousness in his face is adorable. You can tell he was taking this very seriously.  This was one of the sweetest families I've had the pleasure of working with, and I love that the whole family was included in the sand ceremony.

Vol 1, and 2, and 3 (still another to come!)
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Grand Wedding Vol 3 The Bride & Groom!

I'm going to be honest, I think doing a First Glance is the greatest idea ever.  There is nothing more intimate than seeing each other for the first time in private and sharing that moment with one another.  These photos by Audrey Snow are proof of how great that moment can be.  Not only is it so incredible special, it gives you the opportunity to get a majority of your pictures done before the ceremony, so you can spend more time at your cocktail hour.

This is my absolute favorite photo. I love everything from the blue in the sky to the movement in her dress (thank you again to Tie the Knot!) to the perfectly pink peonies Sue at Signature Floral included in the bouquet.

A sneek peek at the next post: Even intimate weddings like this one are grandiose in front of a venue like the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.
I'm not done...more posts coming (we're all arguing over what pictures to use!)  Here are vol 1and vol 2!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vow books {I love them}

Here's the thing. Your officiant has to read out of something. It's going to be in almost all of your pictures. So why not have a custom ceremony vow book? We've designed them for vows and for readings, even the entire ceremony. We also made one as a gift for a recent client and filled it with blank pages.  It was passed from guest to guest before the processional so that family & friends could leave sweet messages for the bride & groom to read when they got back to their honeymoon suite that night.
I wanted this photo so badly for 2 reasons. I loved the colors and fabrics we used and secondly - look close at Aly's earrings (her something blue and I think new too). Perfect match to the ribbon band. I have to give a big shout out to Jason and Sara for sending this photo to me in color. Y'all Rock!

We are creating and taking orders for these ceremony vow books in our studio now.  For more information please email info {at}
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The Grand Wedding Vol 2. More Details

I don't know how we're going to get this done in under 5 volumes.

Left to Right: The escort card table we blinged out with tulips and roses in a perfect raspberry color.. Crystals everywhere. Rather than individual menus at the small tables, we designed these little tents with the table number on one side and the buffet menu on the other.

 Reserved seating cards for the ceremony.  Lauren was the soloist, oh it was so beautiful!
Feathers, roses, hydrangea, tulips, stock...all the white lovliness we could get our hands on! Signature Florals provided all the personal flowers (those pictures are coming, I promise!) and did a few more pieces like this one just because they're that nice!
 Most of the cabaret tables had this simple setting.
 I don't think there's anything I enjoy more than walking into a room and being handed a nice glass of champagne.  For this wedding, we added pomegranate and raspberries to the glass and then poured the champagne on top as guests arrived.
Two ring bearers, 2 ring rings to deliver to mom & dad.  We used our studios 2011 ring bearer bowl (which now bears all the names of our 2011 clients) from Palomas Nest and the classic ring pillow.

 This is another piece from our studio that we use often to collect cards or well wishes.
 Here's a full view of the escort card table...sparkle!

LOVE this cake by Kakes by Karen.  We always leave the design up to her and boy does she ever always get it spot on!

You know how sometimes you just want to nibble on something while you're having a cocktail with friends, but you don't want to get up?  These little platters fixed that.  I'm not sure why I never thought of them before.
Click here to go back to Vol. 1.  Volumes 3 thru who-knows-how-many are on the way!
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The Grand Wedding 2011 Vol. 1

This years Grand Wedding was such a huge pleasure to plan.  We had an amazing team of wedding professionals and the bride & groom, Christy & Goody (Keith) ...we all fell in love with them.  We just adored them and their families and I think if you asked every wedding pro who worked with them would say how much they just adored them.
Like last year, we had several photographers who contributed their talents, so we'll be putting out several volumes on this wedding.  In other words, keep coming back, because we have thousands and thousands of images to narrow down and simply can't narrow down too much!

The details were photographed by Impressions Photography

For this years Grand Wedding we used a fuschia, black and white color palette. Oh, and if sparkle were a color, it would be included.

I absolutely loved this aisle runner designed by Customized Wedding Creations. It could not have been more perfect.

I love the idea of having an assortment of different style programs for the ceremony.  These were so beautiful with the contrast of the pink against the black and white.

Rather than having a unity candle, we had a family sand ceremony.  Each of Christy & Goody's children took part in the ceremony, pouring their individual jars into the family jar before Christy and Goody did the same.

Remember, this is just vol 1...there are more coming!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elegant, Sophisticated Stylish Beach Wedding found Vol. 2

Yesterday I opened my mailbox and found a dvd inside from Alys dad. He actually took the time to compile a slideshow format movie of the wedding weekend with all the pictures they collected from their guests. What a great idea and I can not wait to watch it tonight. In the meantime, here are more pictures from Concept and a few bits of insight into what was truly one of the best weekends I've ever had the pleasure of planning.
Color goes a very long way at beach weddings because your environments are usually every "un-color" imaginable. If you don't infuse some color; go heavy on texture.
Aly & Mike had a Beatles inspired ceremony.  I can't wait to see the video because the toast the Aly's dear friend made was hands down the best tie into a ceremony I have ever heard.
 Got 5 more minutes of light before you head into cocktail hour? Practice your 1st dance!
 I will forever love market lighting and clear tents.
 I still have visions of this engagement ring running through my head. STUNNING.
Yes, she forgot the bouquet.  But really, do you think she could have been any happier?  I have to admit, I kind of love the excited hand wave!
We could have removed all the seats after dinner because nobody sat down again once the band got going.

 Brown eyed girl with the best lashes ever.
How sweet are the petals on this dress? I adore Monique Lhuillier
 I will forever love long tables at weddings. Why?
1. Because people love to sit at them so much more than round tables. You can easily talk to multiple people, not just the person to your left or right.
2. Because the centerpieces fill the entire table (I kind of love flowers and so does Floral Artistry).
3. They take up less space.
Get hair & makeup. You will not regret it so long as you hire REAL professionals who use quality products. Doing this will ensure that you look great pre-ceremony until the band unplugs.
Pad your wedding day prep time so that there is time to just sit and enjoy the people around you.  It's such a nice part of the experience of your wedding day.  Drink some champagne, plug in the ipod and giggle.

 The fun photos are the ones you'll cherish the most.  Key reason to LOVE your photographers so that you are totally comfortable being yourself.  When I say love, I mean like you want to have lunch with them and then drink martini's and friend them on facebook love.
A good officiant means everything.  He's the guy who will guide you through the most powerful words you'll ever speak to someone.  I kind of wish this picture was in color, the vow book I designed for Aly & Mike was so pretty.
 Details! From top left:
White Hydrangea, white roses and phalaenopsis orchids
Custom wine bottle table numbers I designed blended right into the table (I'm not a big fan of table numbers)
The blue runners and napkins allowed the flowers take center stage during the day when there was so much light.  In the evening the candlelight took on this duty.
The rock candy was Aly's super cute idea.  The tags said' "You Rock!" Thanks for coming.  This was a small hint to the blue candy bar we had later in the evening.
I wanted to keep the tables less cluttered so we made these framed chalkboards for the menu and table assignments.
The cake. YUM and gorgeous.  Who doesn't love a bunch of pretty ruffles? 
 Rush matting aisle runner. Keep it natural on the beach folks.
 Look really close...the champagne glass says Mr. (Aly's says Mrs a few photos up)

 This dress was made for this twirl.
The end. {insert giggle}
Vol 1 is here
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