Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Wedding Sites Magazine

Last month we introduced you to the new Style Me Pretty E-Glossy, and this month we would like to introduce you to another digital magazine; Best Wedding Sites.  We are especially thrilled to have one of our photo shoots featured (see pages 24-25). This photo shoot was a big step out of the norm for me- very whimsical.  Thanks to Ashley Brockinton, Signature Florals, and Marina Village Resort for being our partners in this collaborative project. Just click the cover to read the digital!

Are you loving the digital magazines?  We are.  And I will personally love them more when I get my hands on an ipad!

Wedding splurges and over the top ideas

Reading through some of my favorite magazines today, I started imagining over the top ideas and splurges that I would love to see and experience.  What would you love to do?

A concert
How cool would it be to have a vocalist do a very short performance between cocktail hour and dinner at your wedding?  Maybe 3 songs or so, 10-15 minutes maximum.  But really cool amazing songs that everyone could watch and enjoy.  Something like At Last by Etta James, Crazy Love by Brian McKnight and You and I by Michael Buble. I would just fall in love all over again. So romantic and unexpected.
Excessive Flowers
I'm talking adding floral focus points just because. I do not mean centerpieces on the dinner tables.  I mean add tables just so they can have flowers on them.   Big gigantic flower arrangements that make everyone go, "Ooooohhh, that is gorgeous"
Flowers by Signature Florals
Wouldn't you agree that calligraphy just makes everything that much prettier, polished, and decadent?  I would add calligraphy to everything if I could.  Not just envelopes, escort cards and place cards.  I'd do menus, vows, invitations, welcome letters, programs, maps, display cards/signs...
Amuse Bouche & Wine
One of the reasons I love my favorite restaurant is that when we are seated, we are immediately served an amuse bouche and a 2 sip pour of wine or champagne.  I feel so fancy and special
Dinner Ushers
This is really over the top, but how cool would it be to have someone greet each of your guests at the entrance of your wedding dinner, escort them to their seats and hand them a beautiful menu (with calligraphy of course).
Chef Sebastian at South Seas.  Photo by Impressions
Your chef, the keynote speaker
Even with the simplest of dinners, when a chef describes his creation, you are immediately taken to a place where you just can't wait to enjoy the flavors.  How fascinating would it be to have the chef come out between courses and describe what you're about to dine on?  Suddenly Chicken Piccata is the most gourmet mouth watering dish you've ever wanted to experience.

Again, over the top and splurges.  But you know, we all can dream can't we?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to describe your wedding

What is your designers aesthetic?
Once you get past making your guest list and finding your venue, you'll be at the point where you'll need to start describing your desired aesthetics to the creative professionals you're considering hiring. This would be your event designer and planner, florist, lighting designer, stylists (attire, hair, and makeup), stationer and calligrapher. Forgive me if I left anyone out. I am not including photographer and videographer here because I consider them creative artists yes, but of the documentary rather than design element.
What is the best way to do this? With words and pictures. Here are some words to start with:
Lush, Airy, Glamorous, Sparkle, Pretty, Shiny, Contemporary, Modern, Exciting, Architectural, Chic, Elegant, Sophisticated, Polished, Subtle, Fun, Matte, Refined, Cheerful, Bright, Romantic, Vintage, Organic, Retro, Rustic, Garden, Soft, Beach, Open, Intimate, Fresh, Whimsical, Heavy, Light, Natural, Festive, Clean, Unstructured, Casual, Timeless, Textured, Styled, Charming, Reckless, Tropical, Tranquil, Exotic, Classic, Serene, Old World.
By the way- all these words were used by our clients in their pre-consult questionnaire.  One day I'll have to share with you the celebrities, movies & television shows they mentioned as well.
Back to work.  Write down the words that speak to you about your wedding. Also write down others that come to you on your own. For sure add colors to the list. Then, go rip out pictures from magazines, flag pictures in books, and save blog images that define these words.
Compile all of these and you'll have a foundation that perfectly describes what you're going for so that your creative professionals can use their talents to create something unique and very you.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Florida Gulf coast islands great for weddings

I am a fan of lists.  Particularly favorite lists.  Here are my favorite islands for weddings on the Gulf of Mexico and a place to get married on each.
Cocktail reception at Gasparilla Inn
  1. Captiva: South Seas Resort. Island luxury, yet anything but stiff. Who to call: John or Teresa
  2. Sanibel Island. Casa Ybel Resort. Natural and vintage. Relax here. Who to call: Jessica or Jen
  3. Boca Grande: Gasparilla Inn. Perfected elegant beach town. Sophisticated beach Chic. Who to call: Lindsey
  4. Cabbage Key: Cabbage Key Inn. Undisturbed natural beauty. Party in peace. Who to call: Ken
  5. Useppa: Useppa Island Club. Tropical Garden Escape. Who to call: Jasmine
  6. Pineland: Tarpon Lodge. Take over the place. Frozen in time.Who to call: Shohreh
Ceremony on the docks of Tarpon Lodge. Photo Credit: Impressions Photography
Please note that I don't have a single favorite on this list.  I love and recommend each of these islands and venues for very different reasons.  For that reason alone- I highly suggest you consider them all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our new Studio!

We've been working for months on the new planning & design it is!
Thank you iheART films for making this video!
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anthropologie Wedding Dresses. Could you die?

Anthropologie Wedding Dress found via @iwedding
Related Posts with ThumbnailsI know.  You're confused because I rarely talk about wedding dresses on this blog.  They're for sure something I would put on It's Pretty Splendid. But this I feel is a monumental moment in weddings, so its going here too.  I caught 1st glance at these darling dresses on the Bridal Fascinations Blog.

For more on these beauties.  These lovelies. These dresses that I am dying to see in here for the BHLDN website.

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