Saturday, October 21, 2006

Voicemail greeting of the year

Today is a wedding day and I was about to call my bride to give her a warm welcome to her wedding day when I remembered this. I forgot to blog about it several months ago, and its just too good to pass up. On the morning of one of my weddings, I called the bride just to check in on her before I went to the ceremony venue to prepare. I did not make this up! Her voicemail greeting said:
"Today is my wedding day. I am the bride. I want to enjoy today and I do not want to take any more stupid phone calls with stupid questions that are going to stress me out. So don't leave me a message and don't expect a return phone call. Call my wedding planner. Kelly knows eveything. She can answer all questions because she knows all the answers. Again- don't call me. Call Kelly the wedding planner. Her number is 555-5555. Or you can call ####### (groom), because he went out drinking all night and deserves it."
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