Friday, November 03, 2006

Silly wedding planner drives bride WILD

Just kidding! This is me and Julie on Halloween. I had stopped by to drop off her spare invitations and she was dressed to hand out candy. She insisted that I have a costume too, at least for the photo. She also had made cute little bags of candy for my kids, which was so sweet! Thank you Julie :)

Last night I had what I think will be my last consultation for the spring 2007 wedding season! The fact that we actually got through the consultation is amazing. We spoke a couple weeks back about her wedding at the new Ritz Beach house, and totally hit it off. Well, between that initial call and last night, just about every attempt to connect backfired. It was awful! Our 1st phone scheduled consultation never happened because of email tag, a follow up email got stuck in the draft file (big oops, and I'll never use it again if I can help it). For the second scheduled consult, I read the time wrong and called 6 hours late. Totally thinking by the way that I was on time. And when we finally did phone died mid-conversation. Anyway, we laughed something fierce about it all, and in the end- there's a new Weddings bride. Welcome Donna!

Side note, I said earlier that I think Donna took the last spring wedding date. Please call to inquire, because dates do change!

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