Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh no! My dress is filthy!!!

Yep. I guarantee you that unless you have a tea length dress (very hip right now by the way) that your dress will get dirty. Why? Because at some point you will walk somewhere in it. And considering that your dress will go where your shoes go, it will make contact with a floor, sand, or grass. Meaning it will be black, brown, or green on the bottom by dinner. Here's the thing though. Nobody will notice except for you, the bride. Yes, I know that you love your dress, and I know that you spent a paycheck (or a couple paychecks) on it. I love your dress too, but there aren't enough Shout wipes in the world to keep it spotless.
So here is what I propose. Cry now and get it off your chest. Then go to see what these brides did (click here). I want to go dig out my dress now and do this. It looks like a blast. Quick, somebody get me a photographer!

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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