Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Grand Clients

The last few weeks have been better than exciting for us here in the studio!  At The Engagement Party on January 10th, we gave away a wedding valued at well over $100,000, and the number is growing every day with all the awesome pro's getting involved.  The lucky winners are Sara & Nick- aren't they adorable?  They truly are even sweeter than they look.

Planning their Grand wedding (and wedding parties, all 5 of them) in just 6 weeks has been amazingly perfect, thanks to the incredibly generous and talented wedding professionals that we're working with.  Everyone has been asking so...here is a little bit about Sara & Nick: They met during college at FSU (and yes, there will be a FSU grooms cake) and have been together 4 years.  Both of them are really drawn to modern, architectural designs- which works out perfectly for the wedding I am designing for them.  Nick proposed to Sara during a walk of some of the important places he grew up visiting.  When they got to the beach he got on his knee and said, "This place is so important to me, and I want it to be important to us"
Could you just die? So sweet.
Sara is a scientist and Nick is a property tax consultant...yep, they're smart people.  And after spending last weekend with them, I can officially also confirm that they are genuinely super nice, gracious, and full of laughs.  On their finalist questionnaire, we asked "How would your family or friends say you handle high stress situations?" Their answers:
Sara: By making to do lists and being easy to compromise with
Nick: Well, with a twist of comedy.
 Not that we care about that, because this is one wedding where there is no stress to be had.
I'll be sure to blog about all the wedding parties and the wedding.  You can also follow the planning on The Grand Wedding 2010 blog.

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