Sunday, April 04, 2010

Photo Station Backdrops

One of our favorite extras at weddings the last few years have been photobooths and photostations.  They are a riot!  I'll admit I was skeptical at first, thinking it would be childish.  I was 100% wrong.  Guests LOVE them, and the memory books made from them are fantastic.
I tend to prefer the photostations because we can completely customize the background by having the background re-made for each wedding.
Yesterday I hit my favorite fabric shop to look for backgrounds for Southern Sweetie brides wedding later this month.  Since her wedding reception will be outside under a beautiful century tent at the Gasparilla Inn, we decided to go with a photo station rather than a photobooth.  It just allows for a bit more flexibilty in placement (this is the logistical planner in me talking).
I walked into the shop and had an idea of what I wanted, but knew I was going to find more:

You'll notice that I narrowed it down to only prints.  Solid backgrounds are fine- but not very exciting or fun.  And since photo stations are fun...
When choosing your background, if you do go with a print, make sure the print is large enough and has some contrasting colors to actually show up from a few feet away.  Tiny little polka dots wouldn't work, and neither would pinstripes.  In other words, bold works best.  This is also a place where you can and should tie into the overall design of your wedding- but think a bit outside the box.  For goodness sakes, don't match it to your bridesmaids dresses; it'll look like your maids attire was made from drapes (i.e. The Sound of Music).
Here is what we ended up picking.  I'm so excited to get in there!

P.S. Props are fun and make for some hilarious photos.  Consider placing a basket of wigs, boas, mustaches, hats, chalkboard/chalk next to the station or photobooth.

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