Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pink White & Gold: The California Bride Series Vol 2

Honestly now, if the last post of flowers didn't leave you aching for more eye candy, then go ahead and click elsewhere.  Let's skip on to some of the wedding party pictures!

 I can't even begin to explain the insane amount of fun that occurred at this wedding.  I have NEVER seen partying at a wedding like this one.  Californians know how to have a great time.
The most important thing to do to sure that you have this much fun:

 Hire the best band or DJ possible.  It is an investment you will not regret. I prefer a live band (it's a huge difference in experience), but if budget or space restricts you- get the best DJ that is out there.

 Impressions photography shot most of our spring weddings last year.  That's because they're really that good and that nice.  So it may seem like they've taken over our blog a bit over the next few weeks while we catch up on our real weddings. I'm not going to complain.  I doubt you will either.

If you missed Vol 1, click here for the entire California Bride series photographed by Impressions Photography.

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