Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to describe your wedding

What is your designers aesthetic?
Once you get past making your guest list and finding your venue, you'll be at the point where you'll need to start describing your desired aesthetics to the creative professionals you're considering hiring. This would be your event designer and planner, florist, lighting designer, stylists (attire, hair, and makeup), stationer and calligrapher. Forgive me if I left anyone out. I am not including photographer and videographer here because I consider them creative artists yes, but of the documentary rather than design element.
What is the best way to do this? With words and pictures. Here are some words to start with:
Lush, Airy, Glamorous, Sparkle, Pretty, Shiny, Contemporary, Modern, Exciting, Architectural, Chic, Elegant, Sophisticated, Polished, Subtle, Fun, Matte, Refined, Cheerful, Bright, Romantic, Vintage, Organic, Retro, Rustic, Garden, Soft, Beach, Open, Intimate, Fresh, Whimsical, Heavy, Light, Natural, Festive, Clean, Unstructured, Casual, Timeless, Textured, Styled, Charming, Reckless, Tropical, Tranquil, Exotic, Classic, Serene, Old World.
By the way- all these words were used by our clients in their pre-consult questionnaire.  One day I'll have to share with you the celebrities, movies & television shows they mentioned as well.
Back to work.  Write down the words that speak to you about your wedding. Also write down others that come to you on your own. For sure add colors to the list. Then, go rip out pictures from magazines, flag pictures in books, and save blog images that define these words.
Compile all of these and you'll have a foundation that perfectly describes what you're going for so that your creative professionals can use their talents to create something unique and very you.
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