Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beach Wedding Styles Defined

Everyone has their own ideas of what a beach wedding is.  The truth is though that there are so many styles, that really the possibilities are endless.  Below are a few styles (or aesthetics) that I've designed & planned over the years along with a few elements that I believe resonate with the styles.  You'll probably notice that many of the elements fit into several aesthetics.

Shabby Chic: Hydrangea, Peonies, Gladiolus, milk glass, white washed benches, white gauze, linen, white candles; Blush, pink, flax and seafoam green; family style, pasta, brunch, white wine
Sophisticated & Formal: Phalaenopsis orchids and roses, sand dollars, mahogany chivari chairs with ivory cushions, floating candles; Ivory, gold and champagne; Signature plates, filet and lobster, risotto, amuse bouche and champagne
Natural: Sea coral, sea fans, sea pebbles and starfish; Pillar candles, burlap and linen; sand, bear and sea grasses; Flax, sage green, ivory, espresso brown; Sea bass, signature plates, brunch
Whimsical & Eclectic: Sea glass, paper lanterns; Dine around, Mediterranean, tapas, Low country boil; Grass green, red and yellow
Caribbean: Sea glass, sails and sand; Aqua, teal, yellow and white; Buffet, brunch, snapper, mahi mahi, jerk chicken; hurricane lanterns; Orchids
Tropical: Orange, green, yellow, and red; Raffia; Palm fronds, cymbidiums and dendrobium orchids; Action stations, roasted pig; Runners, layered linens, festival lights and painted glass votives
Nautical: Navy, white and yellow; table lanterns, flags, compasses, Pelicans and crabs; Family Style, Clam bake, brunch, buffet; Hydrangea, tulips and roses

What other elements or styles are you considering?  Inspired and want to gather some images?  Head on over to Style Me Pretty and click on Build a Board, its their new upgraded inspiration board tool and it's ridiculously awesome.

I'd also like to say this- "beach weddings" don't always take place on the sand.  Some of the most amazing weddings we've designed for our clients have been on lawns, decks and terraces overlooking the shore.  Just an ending thought for you to ponder...

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