Monday, August 01, 2011

Who is that at Weddings by Socialites?

Left to Right: Randi, Jordan, me, Alyssa, Melissa and Kylie
It's been ages since I showed everyone who exactly has been working here all these months! Jordan and Kylie have moved on to their next internships, and like just about everyone else before them, I wish more than anything that they could stay forever.
Thank you Impressions Photo for taking our spring photos!
This is Alyssa.  She's our Google forms expert, remembers everything said at meetings and makes amazing cupcakes.
 This is Jordan,  Jordan was the one who worked so hard on #MarthasWedding. She's also the master at getting to-do list knocked out.
This is Kylie.  Kylie is the one who started the studio dance break craze.  She's also somehow inside my head and can finish any sentence that I get stuck on, using the exact vocabulary I would have.
Melissa! Our very own culinary guru. She also doesn't complain about having to sort through 18 months of weddings to send for publishing.
Randi sits next to me for good reason. She knows how our weddings run better than anyone else.  7 down, 5 to go!

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