Monday, March 11, 2013

Behind the scenes at our weddings

Have you checked out our instagram feed?  Now that its online, you can see all our weddings behind the scenes, before and after. All from my perspective and bigger than on your iphone/smartphone.  You'll get a healthy dose of my crazy family and friends too (I love them all so much).  Here is a little peek I posted to instagram from this weekends weddings at Southern Waters in Ft Myers and LaPlaya in Naples, Florida:
 I honestly just want to never again use a banquet table for ceremony welcome again after this.
 Three cakes?  Sure, why not!
Sue at Signature Floral never ceases to amaze me.  The flowers for the ceremony and reception and all the little tables were so lovely.  I feel like she can read my mind sometimes.  Particularly when my mind is thinking of 8 different things wrapped into one.  Not too many people can do that!
No, you do not need to have your ballroom wedding looking stuffy. Kevin at Botanicals on the Gulf made the most wonderful centerpieces for these tables!  I loved that he was able to bring just the right amount of "soft" to the Navy and white striped linens we picked.
These images above and below are the real deal; What actually happens before the wedding ceremony.  Above breakdown:
1. Photographer Sam distracting baby FG#1 
2. Ashley Brockinton shooting bride and FOB as MOG approaches
3. MOH pulling splinter from FG#2 
4. MOB trying to rally FG#2-3-4 and probably wondering where FG#5 is
5. One of the best Nannys I have ever met, trying to bribe FG#3 with a tic tac that Photographer Sam brought.
Many more on the instagram feed so go check it out! Oh, and Clint Wiley from Wiley Entertainment also posted a video from the dance floor at the LaPlaya wedding:


FOB- Father of the bride
MOG- Mother of the groom
MOB- Mother of the bride
MOH- Maid/Matron of Honor
FG- Flower Girl

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