Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sorry its been so long everyone. I've moved! My previous blog host wasn't as user friendly as I had hoped. So let's try this again!
The spring/summer wedding season is over down here in Florida. It's pretty darn hot in these parts and the rain can be ferocious at times.
My last event this season was a vow renewal and anniversary weekend. I miss my clients terribly. I truly had such a wonderful time planning with them. And then when it came time for their events- I fell in love with their family and friends too. They truly have the best people in their lives. I felt so honored to be a part of their 40th anniversary. The weekend was full of events which was called "Family, Friends, and Forty Years". My clients and their guests played golf, shopped, fished, and toured all over Naples. And that was just the 1st half day! After a welcome reception that evening, my clients and their guests jumped aboard their chartered trolleys for a narrated tour (narrated by my clients!) of some of the must see sights of Naples and ended their day with a beautiful sunset cruise. The next day they had an open house, and then everyone paraded down the block to the beach for their vow renewal. It was such a sight. A few hours after the ceremony it was time for cocktails, dinner, and dancing. Boy did they dance! The band (The Landsharks, absolutely amazing- one of the best ever!), had everyone out of their seats nearly the entire evening. Yep, we had to extend an hour because the party was way too hot to shut down! The next morning there was a farewell brunch at their home.
Photos: My favorite EVER vow renewal clients! The flowers up there- believe it or not we used them for 3 different events- and that's the last one! True sign of a fantastic florist! I used them at the welcome reception on Friday, the cocktail hour before the dinner Saturday, and finally at the farewell brunch on Sunday. And the last photo is the tail end of the parade to the beach (1 block walk from their new home).
I had a really difficult time saying goodbye to these clients. I always do, but these clients were different. It was an experience not like one I've had before. I balled all the way home. I've cried a few times since then too. Thanks Gary & Janet... it was such a pleasure.

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