Monday, August 14, 2006

Running a little behind

I know, I know. It's been a very long time. No excuses other than I've been rather busy planning a dozen weddings and sending my kiddies off to school. Wahoo! I also managed to move and reorganize the WBS storage unit. I had no idea how much wedding decor I had accumulated over the years. It took me 2 entire days to move and reorganize. Now it is all nice and neat and the next time I need a 3x10 hurricane- I'll know that I have 12, but I need 9 pillar candles. Everything is organized in a detailed list (3 pages worth) and a photo of each item. Let's see if I can keep it that way through the fall season though! A girl can dream.

Hopefully you're all enjoying a nice end of summer. We survived another Hurricane Charlie anniversary (wonderful thing in these parts). Last weekend I held my 2nd Wedding Anthology. It's a small wedding showcase I started last year. I did an even smaller one this year; basically to prepare for a really big one in the late winter. I'm posting a link to some of the wedding ideas champagne reception photos. Can you believe I actually have all this stuff in my inventory? I had a difficult time deciding how to decorate the tables. Limiting it to these few was an awful task!
At the Anthology I focused on invitations. A big trend right now is the pocketfold invitations. They are really neat packages aren't they? A couple things to consider about the. They are pricey. Pricey to purchase, pricey to mail, pricey to print. You're best off going to a custom designer if you really like these invitations. Printing them yourself, you'll most likely end up spending just as much time and money on bad prints; smeared ink, off center margins- you name it. To mail these suckers is a whole new ballgame. The odd size and number of inserts you have, the heavier the paper, the higher the cost. I've yet to get one out for 63 cents.
  • Consider perhaps sending a beautiful traditional invitation and then, once you get the "yes " RSVP's send those folks the fancy expensive pocketfold with all the inserts. You could literally save half the costs!

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