Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Mark of Non-Stinkiness

Be Gone!

So today I was out shopping with my wedding planner colleague Mark Kingsdorf for some last minute Hollywood Fashion Tape. For those wondering...that's the tape that keeps strapless dresses in place the best. Anyhoo- so right next to the tape, I see a few packs of Gal Pal. "Hmmmm, what's this I see? It looks like something helpful!" Yep.. It is. Inside the pillow box are 2 pink sponges that remove those pesky deodorant marks that you will inevitably get at the worst possible time.

The instructions are pretty easy, wipe the deodorant away, to sum it up.
The 2 pack was $6.99, and when we tested it- they worked! So yeah- totally worth every penny. Thank you to my deodorant mark free model-intern Michelle for posing.

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