Sunday, May 17, 2009

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2009

Yesterday I finally had 30 minutes to read the recent diamond engagement ring covered issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Never has Darcy Miller failed me. Each issue tops the last. I was ripping pages out left and right. You know its a good one when you actually rip out the entire resource section.Don't worry, I have a complete issue in the bride's library. One thing I want to note real quick before I get to the goods- Martha Stewart Weddings has one of the best magazine to website to blog relationships I've found and you know I'm all about efficiency and inspiration wrapped in one.
Alright- what I ripped out (a.k.a. the goods):
{Pg 94}, love love love these bouquets by Matthew Robbins. Steel gray and almost-red-its-so-pink: I want this one.
{Pg 160} the ribbon belt napkin ring placecard. Fabulous clean line and perfect functioning detail that adds to the table, without taking over the table.
{Pg 201} the escort card enclosures. Why didn't I think of this first? What a perfect way to alert your guests of some extras you've planned.
{Pg 207} the crepe cake. Ok, I just love this one because it reminds me of the Lithuanian wedding cake we're going to have made for a client next spring.
{Pg 214} If those clutches aren't the most darling little DIY projects! I think they would be fabulous for a bridal shower guest gift.
{Pg 219} the backdrop for a photobooth. I've found that the photobooths are still very popular. Guests love them and they make for great guestbooks. If you don't have room at your wedding (cocktail hour is best), try it at your welcome reception.
{Pg 228} a formal wedding. Again, I'm oh so drawn to steel gray these days. I adore this classy napkin fold and cumberbund escort card display.

Have your own favorite pages? Do share! Comments are adored.

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