Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Chatter (or not)

How well do you know your wedding party? For my birthday I got a funny book of questions and I was so surprised by some of the answers my friends gave.  I thought this would also be a fun wedding party or shower game particularly in a luncheon or dinner party atmosphere.  Particularly because it isn't just about the wedding.  There's a good reason I recommend non-wedding chatter around your bridesmaids every now and again:  THEY GET SICK OF IT.

For the next few weeks we will post a few "getting to know you questions".  We will post our answers and you can comment with your answers. 

1.  What would you rather ride on: a ferris wheel or a roller coaster?
Photo courtesy of Impressions Photography
     - Kelly, Alyssa, Angela and Gina: Roller coaster
     - Randi: Ferris Wheel
Kelly said, "You couldn't pay me enough to get on one of those things."

2.  If asked if you get get your best ideas in the shower, your answer would be: I do, I never do, every once in a while:
   -  Kelly, Alyssa and Gina: I never do
   -  Randi & Angela: Every once in a while
Gina says, "I get my best ideas while driving."
Angela says, "I get mine while daydreaming."

3.  What's your shoe size?
     - Kelly: 8 1/2 on my left, 8 on my right
     - Alyssa: 7 1/2
    -  Randi: 8 1/2
     - Angela & Gina: 7

Let us know your answers to these fun questions! If you're on twitter, we're going to post one of the questions on there as well- follow @weddingtidbits to get the twitter get to know you question of the week hashtag #GetToKnow
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