Sunday, February 12, 2012

An actual garden wedding in Florida Vol 3

Confession: I love wedding pictures.  I especially love portraits.  Why?  Because there's great thought put into them...and you can tell.  When they're done right - you can see the joy and love that is happening and the bonus is that who or what ever is being photographed ... looks perfected.
 Kate with all her sweet bridesmaids (they really were - Kate has amazing girlfriends) in their perfect green dresses.  Mint green is a great summer wedding color.

Okay.  Get ready. Super cute 1st look series of images coming R  I  G  H  T    N  O  W!

 And that is how a 1st look is done. LOVE IT.
Your photographer will take a portrait of your bouquet.  I know, it sounds silly, but trust me, you will look at it 80 times and be glad that she did.  And yes, those are those amazing yellow peonies in there.  But don't tell Signature Florals I told you so.  She'll kill me.
Another portrait you'll want? This one.  Kate's hair and makeup was done by the amazing David & Daniel at Salon Tease.
To make sure that we had some really perfect images before heading to Naples Botanical Garden & the summer heat, we planned out some portrait time (including the 1st look) with Ashley Brockinton at the host resort, the Marco Island Marriott

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