Tuesday, August 14, 2012

May Books. Notebook lovers, be prepared.

How I did not know about May Books is beyond me.  I happened upon it while going through my feed on instagram. Whichever one of my lovelies that I follow ordered one and showed off your picture, Thank you!
I am a note taker list making fanatic and I have always had a thing for notebooks.  None, none, have ever excited me as much as these beauties.  I ordered this one for my dear friend Beckys birthday (see right):

And now I am trying to create my own.  That's right, create. May Books are totally custom!  The process is so easy and so much fun.  It's kind of goes something like:
"click-click-click,  allow me to send perfection to your mailbox."

You even decide what kind of pages you want!  Agenda pages, Wedding Planning pages, lined pages, blank.  There's a list of options a mile long.  It is amazing.  Oh, and I have to say, the price is right at under $20 each if you google for a May Books discount code (hint hint).
Help me decide. Which should be my first May Book? The vintage, the chevron, or the Navy Stems?


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