Thursday, August 16, 2012

Upgrading the bar at your wedding or welcome reception

Are you trying to think of something new to do at your wedding?  This can be especially tricky if you and your friends have been to 12 wedding in the last 8 months and there are 2 more before yours. Well the good thing is that you don't truly need to reinvent the wheel.  Just "feature" something.  For instance, if you're having a summer, beach or tropical wedding, Rum is just the ticket for a feature.
Ask your caterer or venue coordinator if they can offer different types of rums at a bar separate from the main bar.  Have the bottles on display with a sample glass of each rum concoction available for your guests to choose from.  A Rum bar menu would be good to have as well.
I found a good list of rums in Martha Stewart Living.  It would be great to have create a rum menu with a cocktail for each of these:
White Rum (Banks Five Island)
Spiced Rum (Sailor Jerry)
Rhum Agricole (Rhum JM Vieux V.S.O.P.)
Dark Rum (Goslings Black Seal Bermuda 80 proof)
Aged Rum (Zacapa Rum 23)

Now, I'd like to introduce you a rum cocktail.  I was very lucky to have my favorite displaced southern belle wedding planner-bff Nicole of RSVP Shindig about threaten my life if I didn't eat at Husk when we visited Charleston this summer. I owe her big time.  I can not begin to explain the amazingness we enjoyed at that dinner.  Including a few of their cocktails and punches of course. Here is one of their specialities:

If you do go to Husk, try the fried chicken skins and the Fried Green Tomatoes.  I know, you can't even imagine. Nor could I. But for the 1st time in my life, I contemplated licking a plate; or in this case, slice of tree.

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