Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A day in my life

Did you ever wonder what a wedding planner does all day? Probably not. Not all wedding planners work the same way, by my typical day is run by a to do list (photo above). I start with a list usually 10 items long and add on as things come to mind, calls come in, etc. Yesterday I started at 5am. I didn't intend to start that early, but I woke up with tasks weighing on my mind, so I decided to tackle them right away. It was an unbelievably busy day. Tropical Storm Ernesto was a big influence. I was trying to get a day ahead if possible...just in case. First thing you'll notice is that not everything was completed (and I worked until 7:30 last night). Somethings took much longer than expected. For instance, I called Julie to make sure she sent in her deposit for the church. It ended up being an hour long call and we completely re-worked her budget. I had to go to 3 stores to find the perfect paper that matched Karyns invitation (see yesterdays blog) for a map that we decided to add. And getting my linen samples for Kristas wedding ended up being a 10 minute phone call followed by 2 faxes. So I went back at my email sent file and I sent 23 emails yesterday. I checked my call log; I made 11 calls from my office and 12 from my cell phone- all work. I sent 4 faxes, but one was registration for a yoga class that I'm taking with my friend Becky. I am so excited for that to start. I've never taken Yoga and I am the least flexible person in the entire world. So we'll see how it goes. I did take an hour and a half to make dinner and spend some time with my crazy kids. They are just so funny sometimes.
Oh, and I did have 2 cups of coffee, a salad, some bbq ribs (leftovers), a Perrier, I listened to Breaking Laces, Michael Buble, and Black Eyed Peas. I also had the weather channel on in the background the entire day, except for an hour of the today show and Ellen.

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