Friday, September 01, 2006

Traveling the globe

Or at least the US. So I'm in my office and I'm looking at the calendar and see all the cool places I'm going to in the next few weeks. I am so excited! I was supposed to go to Ft. Lauderdale Thursday, but that stupid storm Ernesto had the event cancelled. Later this month I am headed out to Ft Myers beach to attend a mock wedding at the Pink Shell Resort. Okay, so ft Myers beach is only a 25 minute drive- it's still an island, which makes it a getaway. It sounds like they're going all out for this "unveiling", so I can't wait. It might have something to do with the bridal spa package I get to test out. Hee Hee. Let's see if they can compare to the Wynn Las Vegas "get to know us" I attended last spring. That was the best ever.
Later this month I'm going to Los Angeles. How lucky am I to score tickets to the Ellen show? I'll let you know when it's on so you can see me dancing in the audience. I commented on Ellens blog this morning. Ellen, you are invited to momment on mine too.
After LA, I head up to Williamsburg to help Shayna (coolest wedding planner in Williamsburg by the way) with her market party. Sure to be the event of the year since she planned it. I just talked to her 15 minutes ago. She's currently sitting under Stupid Storm Ernesto with no power. Go figure. I think Isis (coolest planner in Cherry Hill) is going to be there too.
Finally, I head up to Baltimore to meet up with all the who's who in wedding planners. Yep, we all know each other. The cool ones anyway. Just kidding. I know all you CCers are laughing right now.
THE PICTURE: That's a bunch of us wedding planners (Ccers) at the Wynn Las Vegas being silly.

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