Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogging from T-Dock

Danielle and I are having a busy wedding planning day down here! This morning we dropped off the Smith wedding welcome bags on Sanibel Island and then headed out here to South Seas on Captiva to meet up with Super Sarah. It's finally her wedding week! We made some adjustments to a few of her welcome bags (which are unbelievably amazing- photos to come) and dropped them at front desk. Then we headed over to RC Otters in Captiva Village for a crunchy Grouper sandwich. Can I just say how good that sandwich is? When you come, you'll have to try it. Okay, so while we were waiting for our sandwiches, we watched Sarah & Ben roll by in their golf cart and we played a couple rounds of the hook game. Looks stupid- but incredibly addictive. Again, you'll have to come try it out. Now we're sitting out on the dock, watching the manatees, blogging (Danielle is studying for her accounting quiz), soaking in the sun. I am totally cracking up right now by the way. This sure beats working from the office. It's absolutely gorgeous weather- about 80, Gulf breeze, perfect amount of sun, not a cloud in the sky. Love it! We have Glenn & James' tasting at 2:00 about 20 steps away. Oh life is good.
ok, so I know I always post photos- but for some reason I can't get them to upload. I'll try again when we go inside. Ciao for now!

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