Saturday, May 31, 2008

A real wedding with Real Style Photography.

But not Jest-er ordinary wedding.

I can't help the corny title, it was too hard to pass up. With Jester as a last name, I knew there would be fun with this crowd. It was a perfect wedding weekend. There really weren't any surprises until I got the photos back from the photographer. Why? Because they are phenomenal. Jason P Smith- remember that name. At the wedding I barely even knew he was there. He didn't pose anyone- ever. He just let it happen. I was nervous of course, thinking that there was no way he was getting any good shots. Boy was I wrong! I have a new name for his style of photography: Real. Basically, if you're looking to have still memories of your wedding the way it actually happened- Jason is your man. I can't wait to work with him again.
For the ceremony at South Seas resort we had a canopy structure designed that gave the beach some intrigue, but still allowed the backdrop of the ceremony be the true beauty of the space. While Holly walked down the aisle, I kid you not, there were dolphins jumping directly behind the groom. Unbelieveable.
Hollys one request for her bouquet was Lady Slipper Orchids. Well let me tell you something, it took a long trip from Thailand to get those blooms. I had my breath held for weeks that they would arrive. But it was worth it because Holly broke into tears when she saw them. Truly one of the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen.
A couple little touches- we had a small cigar bar and a signature plate rather than favors and a guest book.
Dinner was out on the lawn under a bazillion stars and then we moved inside for a few great hours of dancing. Starting with an awesome 1st dance to Alicia Keys' "No one".

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