Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have to cut your budget? Call a wedding planner now!

A couple days ago the NY Times published an article about the effects of the current economy and wedding planning. While some are fortunate enough to not have to cut back, many couples started their planning with a budget in mind that now seems impossible. For those who fall into the latter, this is the best time for you to call in a wedding planner. Not a wedding designer or wedding coordinator- but a planner or consultant. I have a feeling you're thinking (or perhaps screaming at your laptop),
"Is she nuts? Why would I spend money on a planner when I can't afford the band I want?"
I'll tell you why. There is no better person to show you how it may be possible to cut your costs significantly without losing sight of what you wanted for your wedding prior to having to cut back. A wedding planner or consultant has experience and professional relationships and knows how to make the most of the money you have available. Would I love for you to still be able to have the amazing 12 piece band? Yes. If the dollar wasn't an issue, go for it. But if it is an issue, let's find a way to get something just as great for less. And yes, it absolutely is possible! Dreaming of a platinum wedding on a shoe string budget? Or maybe that shoe string even just broke. Geez, I hate when that happens. So with all that said, call a wedding planner or consultant in the area where you are getting married. If nothing else, ask if its possible to hire for consulting only (usually at an hourly rate).
Just a quick note- it is crucial that you go to a well experienced professional if you're hiring specifically for this reason.

Need a referral for a great planner in your area? Email me. I happen to know some really great planners all over the world. WeddingTidbits{at} Another good source for good planners- ask your venue who is the planner they work with most often (again, make sure it is a planner and not just a day of coordinator!). Many venues don't list planners on the vendor lists, so you have to ask.
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