Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm crying again. Only this time it's because I'm laughing so hard.

Nicole of RSVP Shindig in Denver is not only one of the best wedding planner/designers in the country (Do you see this gorgeous reception she designed?), but she is hands down the most hilarious person I think I may have ever known. She has me in stitches on a regular basis. The other night I was so sick that I was chugging Nyquil while I twittered away...

My Twitter:

catching up on emails, wishing I was at the TableSix party having tuna tartare and champagne and not here eating Halls and sipping nyquil.via Twitter - 6:15pm - 6 Comments

Nicole's comment (via facebook):
Rsvp Shindig at 7:08pm December 4:
Add a glass of wine and you'll think you are having champagne.

I know she's going to shoot me for putting this picture of her on here, but that's what she gets for not coming here for vacation {This is me calling you out}. This is Nicole hard at work getting some logistics worked out for that same tent you see above.

Anyhoo, if you're ready to bust a gut, read this recent blog post of hers

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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