Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wedding Planning Problem & Solution

Getting it all covered

I just got off the phone with a wedding pro. We were chatting about her wedding last night, and she mentioned that while it was a great wedding, it wasn't going to be completely documented because key things happened well after the photographer and videographer were scheduled to leave, amongst some other things.
The Problem: A proper detailed plan wasn't created.
The Result: The cake cutting, parent dances, and choreographed wedding party dance aren't on film. The top tier of the cake got left out all night. The couple had to pay $1000 overtime labor and site fees to the venue because nobody stayed that evening to clear out the centerpieces and rented linens, oh and the band wasn't done breaking down until an hour and a half after the doors were to be locked.
The Solution: A wedding day plan other than what was delivered to you by your venue coordinator on her BEO needs to be developed to incorporate everything involving your wedding. It should:

}Coordinate everything that is supposed to happen, every tangible item that you're bringing (with what/where to do with it), all the vendors, as well as a BEO summary.
}It should begin at the start of the day- set-up... thru the end of the day- breakdown; the 5 W's rule should be followed on your plan.

If you have a professional wedding planner, she's already doing this for you and you need not be worried(just ask, she shouldn't be offended)! If you're going DIY, start your plan in the beginning of your planning and develop it as you go.
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