Friday, February 13, 2009

My interview responses.

These are not the answers I gave that bride all those years ago, this is current. I decided to share this because I wanted to show how important it was to invest some time into researching your key vendors. Great websites, clever blogs, and preferred vendor lists aside- be an informed consumer.
By no means should you use this questionnaire to rule out or hire a wedding planner you are considering. Rather, use the answers as a piece of the decision. A face to face or phone interview is crucial, to make certain that your personalities are a fit!
My Wedding Planner Interview:
1. Is wedding planning your only job?
* Yes. The only way I could do anything else would be to make days 32 hours long.
2. How many clients do you have right now?
* 11
3. How many weddings have you planned, start to finish?
* More than 60, but not sure exactly how many without doing some serious digging.
4. How many weddings have you planned and executed in the last 24 months?
* 27. Well, 27 ended in the last 2 years- some started planning prior to that time.
5. How many weddings have you coordinated in the last 24 months?
* 4
6. Who were the last 4 photographers you worked with?
* Susan Stripling
* Ashley Brockinton
* Michelle Reed
* Impact UK
7. What venues have you worked at in the last 6 months?
* South Seas Island Resort
* Ritz-Carlton Naples Beach
* LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort
* Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa
* Rosen Shingle Creek Golf & Spa
* Casa Ybel Resort
* Grandezza Country Club
* Dolce Vita
8. Can I get a recommendation from one of your last 4 full service clients?
* Absolutely.
9. Can I get a recommendation from one of your last 4 coordination clients?
* Absolutely.
10. Where can I see samples of your creative or design work?
* My website or my planning studio
11. Are contracts with vendors with my name or yours?
* Always in yours, unless it’s for something that I can only get as a trade professional.
12. Do you only work with select vendors or at select locations?
* I only recommend certain professionals, but am also happy to work with others who will uphold both yours and my high standards.
13. Have you ever worked for the venues you now plan weddings at?
* Yes. I worked at one 10 years ago, before I had anything to do with the wedding industry (accounting, can you believe that?).
14. Do you accept any kick-backs or commissions?
* No.
15. Do you offer invitation etiquette assistance?
* Yes.
16. Can I order any products from you, such as linens, invitations, and chairs?
* Yes, but there can be restrictions, based on your wedding venues.
17. How quickly can I expect replies to phone calls and emails?
* Usually within a day, but 72 hours is the longest you’ll wait. I’ll email you if I’ll be out of touch longer for a special reason.
18. Do you have assistants that will be helping at my wedding day? How many?
* Yes, at least 1. The exact number depends on the size, location and complexity of your wedding.
19. Will you be on site the entire length of my wedding day?
* Yes, before you arrive, and after you leave.
20. Are your rates negotiable?
* No, rates are not negotiable, but fees are customized for each and every client.

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