Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Most Gorgeous Wedding: The Martha Paltrow Series

The Flowers

There are florists who do weddings and, and then there are florists who make weddings.

Floral Artistry makes weddings; and this one has to be one of their finest works.It's more than just the arrangements that are exquisite, its the individually selected stems and blooms. It's the quality, color, and size of each individual flower that makes this wedding exquisite.

In all my years of planning and design, I have never seen so many flawless blush immense pink peonies or perfectly bloomed cherry blossoms.While I want this post to be all about these stunning flowers, I feel compelled to note again how amazing the photography is. Krista of Impressions Photography has such talent and ability to capture images with some of the most striking angles and lighting techniques, that each of her images truly seem to come to life. This is exactly what you want to have when you go back to look at your wedding images-
the ability to recapture your emotions for a moment.
Your wedding video captures the live sound and movement of your day unlike anything else, and your photos capture the details that make time stand still.

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