Friday, November 06, 2009

Meet Ericka. She’s tiny but mighty.

Ericka knocks out a to do list like nobody’s business. Somehow she has the magic ability to get our clients to respond in record time.  Since she’s only had one wedding with us, so she’s still in that shock and awe stage of wedding planning.  It only takes about 3 weddings though to realize how consistently crazy destination weddings really are behind the scenes.Ericka   Ericka is also the only one who sings out loud with me in the car when we’re going to meetings.  Thank you for singing with me Ericka.  Like Whitney, she graduates from school next year; so I think I’ll just give her a 6000 item to do list so that she has to stay longer.

Ericka on Twitter: @wbsEricka

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