Friday, November 06, 2009

Meet Whitney. She makes everyone smile and organizes everything.


WhitneyWhitney is why our studio is so organized.  It’s very clear when she’s been out of the office for a few days because there will be client binders all over the floor and all the desks are covered in wedding planning documents and details.  We can also tell when Whitney was there because there’s always something prettied up.  Last month I came back from 2 weeks of traveling and she had redesigned the bathroom with the leftovers from the October weddings.  Whitney is also who keeps me in line with the stuff that I am so not focused on (because I’m always focused on weddings).  Things like paying the garbage bill and booking my hotel reservations.Whitney (1) I’m not looking forward to the summer coming because I know that Whitney is going to graduate and leave Weddings by Socialites to go be the best ever personal assistant L.A. has ever seen.  Until then, we are so glad to have her.

I have to give credit to a couple people: Krista at Impressions Photography who took all our staff photos and Ashley Brockinton who told me about Whitney in the first place.

Whitney on Twitter: @wbsWhitney

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