Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blizzard Bride Series Vol.2

 Funnest dinner ever.  Instead of clanking forks against glasses, Mel & Jeff's guests serenaded them every time they wanted the newlyweds to kiss.   It was HILARIOUS and the cutest thing ever.  Everyone got into it.  Even me.  And yes, I was whisked away quickly once they heard my not so brilliant singing voice.
 This was really neat.  The bride & groom were gifted a case of Paddys, an Irish Whiskey, which apparently is extremely difficult to get in the U.S.  So difficult in fact, that when Mel & Jeff went to go buy it for their toast, they couldn't get it.  All their friends went on a viral hunt for the whiskey, and somehow...the distillery found out about their story.  Much to their surprise, the company sent them a case, via a rather extensive travel itinerary.

 Here's some more of the serenading...
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