Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Years Bride Series Vol 4.

Ready for more?  The wedding only gets better.  Here's what happened when the sun finally set.
The tent was divided into 2 sections, the lounge and then Dining & Dancing.  For Dining & Dancing we draped the ceilings with sheer panels and white light beads.
Here's Mrs. Prince dancing with her dad on the Mohagany dance floor. Yes, I cried.
This cake by Ellas Cakes was outstanding.  So much so that there wasn't a slice left. It sat front and center at the opening of the lounge to the dining & dancing so that it could be a true focal point.
In the lounge we had 2 conversation sets with tables that lit up blue at night.  We went with all clean lines in here, so potted orchides were perfect.
The blue paper lanterns stole the show in the lounge.  The varying heights and sizes added the perfect sense of whimsy without it being too busy. Sheer panels and palm trees were the perfect way to divide the 2 spaces without taking away from the tropical & light feel that we were trying to create.
The photo station is always a huge hit at our weddings.  The guests sat and took pictures at their leiasure and then signed the album with notes and messages.
As you can see, lighting played a big part in the design of this wedding reception.  Between the ceiling light beads, the amber uplights, the blue lit lanterns, and the blue lit tables in the loung- we were able to create 2 magnificent atmospheres in one structure.
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