Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The biggest inspiration board ever

This week the kids went back to school, and so I find myself with a bit of time waiting at the bus stop.  I am forever trying to be as productive as possible (sometimes failing and falling into procrastination). So I am doing a twitter series while I wait called #BusStopShots. You can follow along with the same hashtag.

What I wanted to share with you here though was what I do after I rip all these pages of pretty things out of the wedding magazines.  Introducing the biggest inspiration board you've ever seen, the WBS studio bathroom:
See any of your pictures in here?
Hopefully one day you'll have a chance to stop by and browse our studio library.  And if by chance you need to visit this will hopefully be the loveliest little wedding bathroom you've seen. If you do see one of your pictures here; I love it.
Yes, there are ALOT of pictures!

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