Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Key West Series Vol. 4: The Decor

Hands down, this wedding was the most stunning truly tropical wedding we've had a pleasure of being a part of.  I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone in Key West was.
One pair of the guys flip flops went missing.  One of my surprise wedding morning missions.
Orchids, there were so many orchids!

Fuchsia, Lime Green, and Mango Orange = Tropical

Bamboo runner

Ashley & Jay's view, pretty spectacular!

The smallest details, like this orchid napkin embellishment really make a difference

Table numbers need not be ugly or be on a stand!

We brought in beautiful wood tables rather than full length linens

This was the dinner ballroom

We used  a second ballroom for desserts and dancing.

Cake by Todo Dulces. It was even more amazing in person.

Jay's Dendrobium and Curly Fern Boutonnière

The outdoor space of the after dinner portion of the evening

The escort card display
The best thing about this wedding?  It was just a really great time.  Everyone had so much fun. Smiles all over the place.  Sunny weather, great food, and great music just enhanced everything 10 fold.

The entire series here (this is 4 of 5)!

I'll spill beans about who besides photographer Nancy Cohn and Always Flowers were a part of this amazing wedding team on the next post!

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