Sunday, September 05, 2010

I love Martha Stewart Weddings

There is no denying it.  I have been a loyal fan for as long as the magazine has been in existence.  When they added the website and blog to the mix- as Rachael Zoe (my favorite celebrity stylist) would say, "I die".  What I love about Martha Stewart Weddings is the uncompromisable standard of quality and loyalty to the wedding world.  I adore that its always been about the joy, beauty, and fun of a wedding.

By the way TODAY is the last day this issue is on newsstands!
Well, the summer issue this year was hands down one of my favorites (yes, I say that every time, but its true).  I was ripping pages out left and right.

One of my favorite reasons I loved this issue was that there was a bit of a focus on my favorite wedding element- cake.  In my opinion, wedding cake is what takes a great dinner party to a wedding dinner.
Somehow classic and contemporary at the same time.  Don't you think?

This one, to me finds a way to be sophisticated and whimsical.

What will be on the newsstands tomorrow?  The fashion issue.
Yes, I am sure it will be one of my favorites ever as well.  Do you have a favorite issue?

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