Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Indian Inspired Destination Wedding Vol. 1

This was one of my favorite destination weddings to design because I was able to incorporate all that is rich and lovely about the Indian culture. Oh the color!  I just adore all the deep reds and golds and orange.  This wedding took place at a venue so expansive, we were able to transition four times: A Pre-ceremony cocktail hour, ceremony, dinner and finally the after-glow, each in a new location on the groungs of the Burroughs Home in historic downtown Ft Myers.  I was so fortunate to work with Deborah and Matt Cull for this wedding.  They really took the time to photograph each detail with such an appreciation for the surroundings- never trying to "escape" the palm trees or the Edison Bridge.  Because its photographing these environments that make all weddings unique and the memory of the experience true.

This custom designed aisle took about ten hours to hand paint and then petal.  Each petal was hand glued!

I love how traditional this ceremony was,embracing the history of The Burroughs Home.

Pretty  much always my favorite "aisle" photograph

There's something about a groom in a white jacket that I just love.

This picture with all the hundreds of guests was quite the undertaking, but so worth it.
 There will be 3 (maybe 4) volumes in this them all here.

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