Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Boca Grande Destination Wedding Vol. 2 Get ready to the ceremony

Onto the wedding day!
 Yes, this sapphire engagement ring was pre royal wedding.
A blue hydrangea and white peony bouquet.  Isn't it lovely? I admit, I love peonies not quite open as much as I do in full bloom.
This is Southern Sweetie, Angela. You'd never guess she's a tough as nails attorney would you?  She's as sweet as she is beautiful. Could you just die over the veil?  I love it.
Let me introduce you to Joe.  Honestly, he's as fun as he looks on this fancy get around town vehicle and just loves his wife to death.  He made us smile constantly in the studio.
 Simple ceremony programs for this wedding.  A perfect fit.
 How darling is this church? This is what I love about Boca Grande.  Everything is just oh so charming.
 Beach town wedding perfection.  A starfish door "wreath" of carnations.
 Go ahead, say it, "awwwww" . Um, Impressions, you rock.
And this is when my tears came. Look at Angelas dad in the background (top left) with that huge smile.
More to come but, did you see vol 1?

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