Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vow books {I love them}

Here's the thing. Your officiant has to read out of something. It's going to be in almost all of your pictures. So why not have a custom ceremony vow book? We've designed them for vows and for readings, even the entire ceremony. We also made one as a gift for a recent client and filled it with blank pages.  It was passed from guest to guest before the processional so that family & friends could leave sweet messages for the bride & groom to read when they got back to their honeymoon suite that night.
I wanted this photo so badly for 2 reasons. I loved the colors and fabrics we used and secondly - look close at Aly's earrings (her something blue and I think new too). Perfect match to the ribbon band. I have to give a big shout out to Jason and Sara for sending this photo to me in color. Y'all Rock!

We are creating and taking orders for these ceremony vow books in our studio now.  For more information please email info {at}
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