Monday, December 26, 2011

Great news!

I took this picture.  That's why its terrible.
I was reading the spring issue of The Knot Florida yesterday. This was exciting for 3 reasons.
1. Kate & Ryans wedding from last May is featured beginning on page 86. It was gorgeous, for sure go check it out.
2. I was able to contribute some of my favorite advice and tips on page 46. We had the most amazing beach estate wedding this month.  I want to do it again.  Call me.
3. I can't remember who said it for certain, but 2 of the editors gave the best advice: Get video and have some kind of independent coordinator. I will say it until I am blue in the face. Unless your "cousin/friend/Uncle Harry" is a professional wedding videographer, you will not get to see/hear some of the best moments of your wedding and without a coordinator you will not have the best possible experience on your wedding day (and neither will your mom).

So, with that said...Rob Epple of AMC video popped in today to say hello and we were talking about this.  I asked Rob to make this more enticing because honestly, there is nothing that makes me sadder than hearing a bride or parents of the bride say "I wish we had video".  It kills me.
Anyway, he has a few dates open in January and February and offered to create VERY special packages to anyone who calls in and just mentions this blog or my name (Kelly McWilliams).  When I say very special - I mean like you have got to be kidding me special. I promised not to mention the numbers on the blog, but I'm telling you - its an off the charts amazing investment.  But its only for January or February weddings (I tried to get more, maybe you can work on him if you're looking at March).

Here are a few directors cuts from some of the weddings we've done with AMC:
Impressions Photography
Michelle Reed Photo

Impressions Photography
Michelle Reed Photo
This one is before there was HD, but I still love it:

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